The Final Stretch!

Hi Everyone!

Today was our last full day in Scotland 🙁 🙁 We got to sleep in a bit later than usual, and soon headed off to join everyone at Craig’s House. We had a great time of worship to start the day focusing on God, before heading off to Leuchie House.

Leuchie House is respite housing that guests can stay at for a few weeks at a time on holiday. The house is on an absolutely beautiful estate, and we sang to a few of the guests in the most beautiful room! (It looked as if it was straight out of a Jane Austen novel!) The guests seemed to really enjoy it and the conversations we had afterwards. We also got to take some lovely photos outside before heading back to the Thorburn’s.


After lunch, we all headed back to pack at our host houses. Then we had some free time to hang out with our hosts or go on an adventure! Christine and I found highland cows  in a shop on High Street in Dunbar, Maddie and Barry relived their childhoods on a playground, Barry and John found a castle, and Meiji found a wild Hans!





Dinner was homemade lasagna and a huge amount of garlic bread! It was absolutely delicious. After stuffing ourselves, we headed to our final gig at Spott Church, where we were singing at their Good Friday service. It was a shorter gig for us in terms of the number of songs sung, but it was such a great opportunity to reflect on the purpose and meaning behind this day in the Holy Week.


Now we are back at the Thorburn’s and it is time to pack! Some of us are trying to catch some shuteye and some of us are just staying up until we leave for the airport at 3am.

Prayers for safe travels home, and the successful transport of our sound equipment back to the States is greatly appreciated. Prayers for unity, health, and energy for the group are also needed!

In Christ,