Back in the US of A

Hi Everyone!

We got back into Boston at around 6:40pm last night, but by the time we had trekked all the way back to campus, I just went straight to bed! So today I write the final blog with a few updates.

First off, Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed! The Xprods are already experiencing separation anxiety and are planning on getting together for a group dinner tonight to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Savior!

Secondly, our flights back didn’t get switched and our checked sound equipment made it as well! We still have one sound bag that is still missing, but it will be rerouted back to Boston when it is found. Prayers for its safe and undamaged return are greatly appreciated.

After leaving the Thorburn’s House at 3am, we had a two hour drive to Glasglow and a 1.5 hour flight to Birmingham, UK from there. It was on a small, double propeller plane, which had Maddie very excited 🙂


At Birmingham we had a 3 hour layover and most of the Xprods slept most of that away. Then we boarded a plane for Reykjavik. After another short layover there, which certainly involved food, we took off for Boston. This flight also involved a lot of sleeping, but also seeing the mountain peaks of Greenland’s coast, ice sheets in Northern Canada, and the Hudson River!




We touched down in Boston at sunset and made our way back to campus via the T.


Now we all have a lot of work and sleep to catch up on. Please pray that we can get back to doing life at MIT with joy, but also not forget all that God has done this past week in Scotland and the hope that Christ has given us.

Thank you for following along with us via the blog and for keeping us in your prayers!

Signing off one last time!

In Christ,