Touring Schools On The Way To The Chip Shop!

Hi Everyone!

We started off the day with an early morning (woke up at 6:45am!!!), and headed off to The Compass School to sing at their morning assembly! We had a great time with the kids singing a few of our upbeat pieces. We were a little tired, but it was a great time! The kids asked a lot of great questions, and they even sang a song for us!



Next, we drove off to the Haddington Infants School to sing for more children. We sang for the 5-7-year-olds in three different sessions. During the break, we sat down to a lovely spread of tea and gingerbread 🙂 The kids had a lot of energy and really enjoyed working on a perc workshop with John!


We headed back to the Thorburn’s for lunch, Jesus Time, Free Time, and Devotionals. It was good to take time out to have good conversations with each other and foster unity and intimacy within the group. After a few more games of cards, we headed out to our last gig of the day.

Letham Gardens is another sheltered housing residence in Dunbar. We set up in the common area and sang an upbeat set before sitting down to tea and biscuits with the residents. Time flies when there is good food, and 45 minutes later, we realized we needed to skedaddle to make it to dinner!

A very excited group of Xprods soon entered a Chip Shop just off High Street. We sat down to a famous Chippie dinner. Christine was completely ecstatic, as she usually is when food is involved 🙂 The food was great! It ranged from deep fried pizza to breaded haddock…..and of course, lots of chips!



Prayer for unity and protection against spiritual attack as we go into our last full day is greatly appreciated! We’ll be packing up and getting ready for our flights home tonight and tomorrow.

Two more blogs to go!

In Christ,