March 28th, 2019

Straight after morning worship, we rolled out for our street-singing gig, starting with the Aquarium where we sang a couple of songs:

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We then headed for the Park where we went through our entire set and met a lovely lady from Alabama called Pat who had sat through our entire presentation. We shared a prayer with her and were glad to have made a connection!

Back to our AirBnB we went for a quick lunch, then back out we went for our afternoon gig at Haley House, a soup kitchen in central Boston. We had an interesting afternoon full of singing and insightful conversation, and Riley even got to practice her German after meeting someone from Belgium!

We had a quick afternoon siesta back at our AirBnB, then ventured to our last activity of the day- dinner and rehearsal with Under Construction, Harvard’s Christian acapella group. Their energy and raw talent was amazing to witness, but what probably struck me most was their insight in discerning the lyrics to Bastille’s hit song Flaws (one of my old favorites)- and relating it to how God calls flawed people for they are the best place for him to demonstrate his power, in their weakness.

The busy week had taken its toll on us already, and we were eager to go back home and relax for our last SB day *tear*. Finishing strong!