March 27th, 2019

A day of rest! After four days of gigs and interactions, we were blest with a much-needed well-deserved break where we had the larger part of our day to ourselves. We slept in and had an amazing brunch (props to Nathan, John and Barry) after which we split into two groups- one went to watch the just-released Captain Marvel and the other stayed back home and chilled out then got cupcakes later on. I was in the latter squad and spent an ideal couple of hours with Riley and Barry, gleaning some of their immense wisdom which so rightly comes with being a senior/super-senior.

Towards the evening, we hang out with Boston University’s Christian A-capella, Mustard Seed, had a Chipotle dinner, and practiced our Break It Down Boston song, Believe. Upon realizing that we were also learning a common song this semester (Baba Yetu), we did a spontaneous mash-up which turned out surprisingly well:

And, since it was Riley’s very first time having Chipotle, we had to document the auspicious moment:

Watch out, Boston- we’re recharged and ready for the rest of the week!