We are off!

Hello xprod family!

Whoohoo! We’re on spring break!!

Current xprod members arrived on Saturday morning in the great city of Ames after a long night/morning of travel. Everyone except myself (who flew in from PHL) had a 6:00 am flight from BOS to DSM with a layover in ORD. We had some fun in the airport with phone booths and with Alvin’s stuffed corgi (who has yet to be named…) and, of course, Mufin.

After arriving at the Johnson’s home, we ate lunch, practiced music, and caught up on lost z’s.

We got in two hours of rehearsal time before dinner, refreshing our memories on songs from last semester.

Kristina’s family members are very gracious hosts, and we are so blessed by their hospitality! We feasted on a dinner that even the Texans approved of- ribs, potatoes, bread, salad, fruit, chocolate cake… It was delicious!

After dinner, Kristina told us to search the house for a surprise: “You’ll know when you find it…” ¬†With some help from Mrs. Johnson, we stumbled upon her astro lab in the basement! We had a productive meeting to discuss logistics/recap for next year’s exec.

Our first day in Iowa was very fun, and we were able to rest up for our upcoming gigs and outreach opportunities! Please pray for us!

Love, Caitlin