Hello Internet World!

The past few days here in California have been absolutely amazing! Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but Thursday we were able to see God do some crazy things. The entire day, at every single gig, we saw God reveal his presence, reveal how in control He is of this trip.

Thursday morning we went to Mountain View Health Care Center where we sung and talked with some of the patients there. We were done earlier than planned so we had some extra time on our hands. Some of us were waiting by the car for the rest of the group when we got a text from one of our members that we needed a soprano and a bass to come asap. We all decided to go see what was going on and found the group surrounding a woman who was sitting outside the health care center. Her name is Paulette and she’s diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We did an impromptu mini-concert just for her and prayed for her future and her healing afterwards. With tears streaming down her face, she let us know how much she felt loved and encouraged by God through us and our singing. As one of our member’s said, it was a gig we didn’t plan, but God did.


After we said our goodbyes to Paulette, we headed out for some pho and got to hang out with two members of Stanford’s Christian a cappella group, Testimony. We all made a stop for some milk tea (SO GOOD) and said our goodbyes. Before we headed to our next gig, we set aside some time to come before the Lord in prayer as a group, lifting up our next gig as well as our gig that night at Polly’s house.


Boba, sunshine, and prayer is a good combo.

Our next gig was at another Catholic Charities where we sang in a soup kitchen program called Loaves and Bread. The conversations we had there we so full of joy and surprises that we knew God was showing up there as well. From running around with little kids to Polly meeting someone who knows her aunt, to being able to take advantage of our diversity as a group and having conversations with others in their native language, it was an especially life-giving gig.


Polly’s house was our next and final gig of the day. We had all been looking forward to this gig since we decided to go to California for Spring Break. All day we prayed for this gig and were expecting God to do some great things that night.

We headed to a gathering of all of Polly’s families: her real family, her church family, and her xprod family. Everyone brought food and we spent the first part of the night eating reaaally good Chinese home cooking and talking with one another. Then we had a small concert outside in the backyard with everyone gathered outside in lawn chairs. With her mother translating in Chinese, the soloists shared with the audience what each song we sang was about and what it meant to them personally. It was a beautiful way to see God’s love proclaimed in multiple languages, a love that transcends cultural and language barriers and can touch the heart of every human being.

Many of Polly’s relatives excitedly videotaped the whole concert and one of her aunts even Skyped in from Mexico. Her family was so excited to see Polly sing with us. Their excitement and love for her felt palpable that night.

After our concert, Polly’s mother got up to share , a brief testimony about her life in both English and Mandarin. It was another beautiful moment to see God yet again as she told her story.

After the family gathering at Polly’s aunt’s house, we went to Polly’s house for little while and got to spend time with her grandparents and uncle.


The cherry on top was getting to see baby pictures of Polly, although I will be a good friend and not post any here on the blog (sorry guys).

We headed back to the house feeling empowered, knowing that God proclaimed victory that day. Despite all of our careful and meticulous planning down to the minute, anything good the happened that day was all God. We had the privilege to drench ourselves in prayer and know that God would do something, and He allowed us to see Him do His good and wonderful work in our lives and the lives of the people we met that day.

As our trip comes to a close, we look forward to see what God has planned for us today and how He will use us to bless others with our voices.

In Christ,