The Things Unseen

Hey xprod readers!

Prepare for blog entry OVERLOAD! Sorry for the late posts but things have definitely start to pick up around here!

On Tuesday Cross Products started off our day at the Our Mother of Sorrows soup kitchen in Philadelphia. After we sang we got to talk to some of the people there and had some very interesting and uplifting conversations as well. It’s amazing to see how the Spirit of God is present in all the places we go and how He is working in the lives of the people we talk to.


After that gig we got to hang out with some of the members of UPenn’s Christian a cappella group, Full Measure!

The pictures explain it all:











We found out that they have been praying for the Boston area for a long time and it was so encouraging to hear that we have brothers and sisters praying for us without even knowing!

Our final gig was at the Fort Dix Penitentiary, which turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience. The inmates were truly touched by our presence and their gratitude and faith was inspiring. They were very receptive and told us how much they appreciated our blurbs at the beginning of each song. Knowing that the men we were singing to are our brothers in Christ made the experience all the more meaningful.

Please keep praying for xprod: the group, the leadership, and our ministry here in the Trenton area!


In Christ,