The Final Days

Hey xprod readers!

Prepare yourself for the final Spring Break 2014 blog post! #ASingleTearRollsDownThePitch’sCheek

Xprod went to the Hamilton Grove nursing home Thursday morning and were extremely blessed by all the people there as always! Maddie and I got to test drive our Spanish-speaking skills with one of the residents there.

For lunch we thought we would go to one of the parks in the area to have a picnic and do some devotionals together.


Lovely, right?

But then…the geese ATTACKED.



They’re more vicious than they look…

But despite the crazy, territorial geese, we had a great devo sesh about celebration while munching on some sandwiches.

We also had the chance to visit Phoebe’s old high school, South Brunswick. We sang for the after school Christian club there and answered questions about a cappella, MIT, and our lives.



Several people had the opportunity to share their stories with the kids there and Brian also led a quick beat boxing lesson. The students seemed to be very interested in our stories and what our experiences in high school were like. It was very apparent that God is doing great things in this school and it was a blessing to be able to see a glimpse of what He is doing.


After the high school gig, xprod was Princeton bound!




Someone’s excited…

We met up with Princeton’s Christian a cappella group Kindred Spirit, and had dinner and did warm-ups together before a joint concert with us and the Jewish a cappella group at Princeton.




Kindred Spirit is awesome! It didn’t take long for us to feel like we had known each other for much longer than just a few hours.






It was just really cool to be able to connect with these guys and sing and hang out with them. After the concert we hung out in one of the cafes on campus and talked some more together. At some point a lot of us were singing worship songs with the guitar player there.





On our final day of spring break (tear), we went to help package food for the organization, Feed My Starving Children. We all got the chance to rest our voices and help out a good cause.

Our very last gig was at a pediatric care center for children with disabilities. We went around several rooms and sang songs for the kids. Because most of the kids were confined to beds we weren’t able to play a lot with them, but hopefully our presence and our voices really blessed them.

With our last gig over and done it was back to the house for dinner, debrief, thank yous, and goodbyes, which I want to reiterate here!

First of all, thanks to the Kerr family for their hospitality, giving hearts, patience, and endurance. It is not easy hosting 14 college students in a house for a week. We really appreciate their open arms and service! Also, a big thank you to the neighbors who hosted some of our members.


Thank you to all the people and organizations that let us sing! I hope we were able to bless you as much as you blessed all of us.

And a big round of applause to our pitches: Alvin, Caitlin, and Kristina and our external bizmen who set up the gigs: Meiji and Dorian! We greatly appreciate the sacrifice of your time and energy. Your hard work helped make this spring break amazing.

And finally, thank You God for being with us throughout the week and making Your presence known in the little things as well as the big things. None of the things we did this week would mean anything without You. You’re the reason we sing!

Can’t wait for next year!


In Christ,