The Epic Journey to Dunbar

Hi Everyone!

We have made it to Dunbar, Scotland! The past 24 hours have been a bit crazy, but God provided, and three flights later we made it!

We started out from MIT and took off for Reykjavik, but once we landed, we realized our connecting flight to the UK had been delayed by 8 hours!


Iceland Air was extremely helpful and got us rerouted through London and then on to Glasgow in Scotland. We spent the time between flights playing cards and jamming out to some great songs courtesy of John’s excellent Spotify playist.



We made it through customs in London and grabbed a quick lunch before boarding our last flight. Hans had successfully been picked up by Craig’s parents at this point and was already headed back to Dunbar!


In Glasgow, everyone had their luggage returned to them successfully, except for the sound equipment 🙁

As Craig and Maddie investigated the Case of the Missing Sound Equipment, we passed the time jamming out singing some of our favorite songs, “Like An Avalanche” and “Fix My Eyes,” inside the baggage claim at Glasgow.



It was discovered that the sound equipment was last seen in Reykjavik. It’s currently being tracked down and will be shipped to Craig’s House as soon as it’s located. Prayers for it’s safe and speedy return so that we can have sound at our gigs are greatly appreciated.

After arriving at Craig’s House, we got to meet with our hosts! We spent a great time eating amazing homemade soup and sandwiches, along with having great conversations to get to know each other. The great food kept us energized and the conversation helped to keep those of us who were tired awake!

With all of the difficulties that we encountered today and everything that was thrown up in the air, it looks like someone doesn’t want us here. But that shows that God is going to do amazing things here! Please be praying continually for us as we enter into this first week. Pray that we will be unified and relying on the Spirit as we sing and speak at our many gigs. Stay tuned for more tomorrow night!

In Christ,