Thankful Thursday

Hello xprod blog readers!

Happy Holy Thursday! This was our sleep in day, so we had the opportunity to visit The Grove for a late breakfast- a homey diner where they have yummy french toast and strangely orange pancakes.

We went back to the Johnson’s house for a devotional. We talked about our views of God as both infinite and personal and how that influences our prayer lives.

In the afternoon, we went to Bickford Assisted Living, where we sang a few songs for the residents. They were very appreciative of our songs and conversation!

We then headed back to the Johnson’s for a late lunch and a bit of debrief.

Before dinner, we went to the Ames Boys and Girls Club, a safe place for kids to play, do homework, and get a meal after school. We sang for them and did a percussion workshop, as well as a lot of improv (the cup song, Gangnam Style…)! The kids were very engaged!

We went to Valentino’s for dinner and ate a bit too much at their buffet…

That night, we went to Cru at ISU. We sang for their worship time and joined in their discussion and small groups. It was great to spend time in fellowship with other college students!

Love in Christ, Caitlin