Terrifying Tuesday

Eeek! Tuesday was actually not so terrifying, but you’ll see the meaning of the title later…

Tuesday was our Des Moines day! Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and also the largest city in Iowa. There were no corn fields to be seen.

Our first gig was at Blank Children’s Hospital/Iowa Methodist Medical Center. We sang a few songs in the main atrium and then walked along the first floor corridor of the children’s hospital. The people who heard us sing, especially the man at the information counter, were receptive to our messages.

We enjoyed meeting Lily, a friendly companion dog.

For lunch and an active break, we drove to Valley West Mall. We had a fun time eating, shopping, and rehearsing in the parking lot!

Before dinner, we went to sing at Hope Ministries, Bethel Mission. This Christian homeless shelter can house over one hundred men and offers long-term programs to change the course of many lives. We sang for half an hour for the men’s group dinner and then another half hour for the community dinner.

Since Tuesday was our day in Des Moines, we had some special events planned for the evening. We ate dinner at a popular burger joint (you could tell by the length of our wait, but that gave us time to have a photo shoot…).

The restaurant had a terrifying theme- Zombies! Apocalypse! Acapacalypse! It was called the Zombie Burger & Drink Lab. I got the #5: “They’re Coming to Get You Barbara.”

Kristina even transformed into a zombie! Luckily we found some anti-zombie gel in Walmart, and she’s back to normal now.

On our way back to Ames, we stopped at High Trestle Trail to see a cool bridge. Unfortunately, due to a late dinner and my car getting lost, we arrived at the bridge just as the lights shut off. Still, it was a fun walk/jog in the night and a nice end to a very fun day!

Love, Caitlin