T Minus 14 Hours!

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to the Spring Break 2016 Blog!!!

As of right now, the Xprods (minus Kevin who will be enjoying a lovely Spring Break back home!) are packing, and psetting, and praying, and singing lots of “Sunshine on Leith” songs absentmindedly to ourselves as we count down to take off for Scotland!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to visit the homeland of Craig, our own native Scotsman, and see what God will do while we are there!

Even though we don’t leave until tomorrow night, I figured I’d get a jump on blogging about our departure since I’m not sure how much Wifi or even time there will be at the airport tomorrow.

The lovely map above shows the somewhat crazy path we are taking to reach Scotland (ahem…except a certain Hans, who gets to go to Paris).

Prayers for safe and issue free travels are much appreciated and stay tuned for the next post from the other side of the Pond!

All the things,

– Riley
(- R)