Starting It Off With Relaxation

Hi Everyone!

Today we started the day being able to sleep in, which was awesome! We split up into a few different groups to do some fun things in the morning. One group went to the Lighthouse at White Sands and took a bit of a walk on the beach. Another headed into Dunbar for a quick breakfast at a café. We really enjoyed having time in the morning to relax before getting going with gigs.



After an awesome lunch at the Garden Center (see my glorious macaroni and cheese), we had another time of worship at the Thorburn’s before heading to our first gig at Market Court, an assisted living residence. We had a great time singing for the residents and then having some tea and sweets with them.


Dinner for the day was back at the Thorburn’s and it was a traditional Scottish meal of Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties. A few of us had tried this dish before at a Burn’s Supper back home, but it was great to try it again (actually in Scotland this time!)

Our last gig of the day was a Holy Week Concert at Belhaven Church. We received two of our three cases of sound equipment from the airline this afternoon, so it was our first gig of the week with sound! The audience really enjoyed it and we were really happy to have our full set up to use!

Please pray for unity and strength for the Xprods. As we pass the halfway point of the week, pray that we keep our focus and not get distracted by our flights home on Saturday.

Stay tuned until tomorrow!

In Christ,