Singing, Talking, Four Gigs In One Day….Oh My!

Hi Everyone!

Cross Products has kicked off our first full day in Scotland with four gigs in one day! We started out going to Palm Sunday service at Craig’s Church, Our Lady of the Waves. We had tea and shortbread with the congregation after the service and sang a few songs for them as well.


We then journeyed outside to eat lunch by the sea! It was so beautiful! Craig apparently had forgotten how gorgeous the place he lives really is, but figured it out when all the other Xprods just stopped walking and started taking pictures 🙂


After a quick lunch, we made our way into Haddington to East Coast FM to be on Mr. T’s radio show! We sang a few songs and a few of us chatted with Mr. T about our group, why we do what we do, and what we will be doing while we are in Scotland. Here’s a recording of our time on the air!


Back at Craig’s House we had a huge get together to meet his family and friends. There was a GINORMOUS buffet, which made Christine extremely happy! We sang a few songs and made introductions all around. There was a lovely balance between asking to hear all the funny stories from Craig’s childhood and telling all the embarrassing stories of Craig at school in America 😛

Lastly, we headed out to Longniddry Parish Church, where we were a part of a service and concert put on to benefit the East Lothian Food Bank. We had a great time singing Scottish hymns as well as sharing a few of our songs as well. We then had another round of tea, shortbread, and good conversation with the people who had come to support the Food Bank.


Today was a great day of successes despite the continued absence of our sound equipment, but now the Xprods are tired. Prayers for a deep night’s rest tonight for our bodies, voices, emotions, and spirits are greatly appreciated. Prayers for our sound equipment to reach us soon would be excellent too!

Check in tomorrow for more updates!

In Christ,