Prepare Yourself For Giggles

Hey xprod readers!

(Hey Becky!)

Happy Monday everybody!

Yesterday morning we had the opportunity to lead worship at New Hope Community Church led by the dynamic duo: Polly and Dorian!


We also sung a few xprod songs at the end of the service!

Afterwards we were treated to a wonderful lunch and got to meet some of the church body.



After a brief rest at the Kerr Cave, we headed off to the Community Christian  Children’s Choir (CCCC, ¿sí?) to hang out with the kids there, teach some awesome choreo (planned by yours truly and the lovely Caitlin Kerr), and had some sharing time with the older kids.

So we got the chance to come up with choreography for the all-time classic that will transcend generations for years to come: Check Your Connection!

You can see the original version here! 😀

We didn’t have a guy in a Bible costume dancing around but Caitlin and I had an awesome time coming up with choreo and teaching the kids some dance moves. And the other xprods had a good time following along.


So after hanging out with the younger kids, we spent some time with the middle and high school students. We did a few warm-ups with them! (Mommy made me mash my m&ms, oh my!)

And Dorian and Kristina shared their perspective on the story of the prodigal son and how sometimes we love God for His things instead of for who He is.



Look at those beautiful, wise people.

And after getting to sing for the kids sing, we got to hear them sing a little. Such good blend!

After saying goodbye to the lovely CCCCCCCCCCCC, we had the privilege to go to Caitlin’s grandparent’s house for a very delicious dinner.

It was a night filled with craziness and spontaneous outbursts of singing and pie. Mmm, pie.




On the way back Alvin’s car almost went to Six Flags, but eventually we all got back to the Kerr Cave safely and enjoyed the rest of the evening getting ready for the next day!

Check in tonight for an update on more of our adventures in New Hope!