Not-So-Meatless Monday

Hey xprod family!

Monday morning started with a trip to the McFarland Clinic. Unfortunately, it was an unusually quiet Monday, so the waiting areas were not as packed as usual. However, we still enjoyed walking around to all the different offices/lobbies and singing!

We returned to Kristina’s house, where Mrs. Johnson had delicious soups and sandwiches waiting for us.

Later that afternoon, we got to sing at the Emergency Residence Project (ERP), a homeless shelter which offers both temporary and long term housing for people and families in need. We sang a few songs for a mix of children and adults in their colorful craft room. Afterwards, we enjoyed touring their facilities (in particular, the playground)!

That night, the Husein family had us over for dinner. The Indian food was amazing, and we enjoyed singing for them afterwards!

Love in Christ, Caitlin