Learning to Fly

Hey xprod readers!


Yesterday we all relived our high school years at New Hope-Solesbury High School where we hung out with a freshman class and the chamber choir and taught them one of our songs, “When Mountains Fall.” All the kids seemed to have a lot of fun learning an a cappella song and also got a chance asked us a few questions about MIT and college life.


Sops and Alti


Cute Asians! 😀

After a brief respite at the Kerr residence, we went to the Trenton Soup Kitchen in Trenton, New Jersey. We sung during dinner and got to talk with people afterwards. I feel like this gig was a step of faith for a lot people in our group, but God was with us and blessed our conversations.

Afterwards we got the chance to meet more of Caitlin’s family (meet ALL the Kerrs!) and had dinner at her aunt’s house.



After we were refueled and refreshed, we headed to our last gig at the Rescue Mission of Trenton where God continued to strengthen us and teach us and bless our conversations.

Overall we had a good day learning to trust God’s guidance and stepping out of our comfort zones. Please continue to pray for unity and openness to listen to God’s voice!

Be sure to check in for more posts tomorrow!


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