Fellowship & Fun in Edinburgh

Hi Everyone!

Today we started out our day at the Dunbar Grammar School, where Craig went to school when he was a kid. We sang two songs for one class at an assembly first thing and then were able to put on a workshop for one of the music classes. We explained what A Cappella is and showed how a song gets built layer by layer via the different parts. We taught them one of our favorite warm-ups, “Doom Bas,” and then John taught everyone how to perc! Even I was getting my first lesson on how to perc! The students caught on really fast and it was great to see them so engaged! Afterwards we talked with one of Craig’s teachers while having a quick snack!


Next we traveled back towards the sea to Lammermuir House, a nursing home right on the beach! It was so beautiful there, and we managed to run through a few songs for practice on the beach before heading in.


Because our sound equipment has still not made it’s way to us from Iceland, we were able to have a lot more time to talk to the residents before starting to sing. It was so great to have fellowship with these people who don’t often have someone to genuinely listen and talk to them. We had a lot of great conversations and really enjoyed the opportunity to minister in this way.


Then we hopped on the train to Edinburgh! We were all so excited to go and see this beautiful city! We started off our time with devotionals in Princes Garden, and then started walking through the city on our way to Arthur’s Seat, which is a giant hill overlooking the city. Craig took the liberty of being our tour guide, but also photobombing almost every picture we tried to take…..


We walked down the Royal Mile, stopped in a few shops along the way, and took a quick stop to admire the architecture of the Scottish Parliament Building. After an epic dash to find a bathroom before the public one at the Palace closed, we started making our way up Arthur’s Seat. It seemed to turn into a race between Maddie, Matthew, Christine, and Hans to the top. We didn’t make it all the way up because we had to start back to Edinburgh for dinner, but the view from halfway was gorgeous! A quick run down the hill had us well on our way towards good food at Nando’s.


Our last stop for the day was the Edinburgh University Christian Union. We joined them for their weekly large group event for some fellowship and worship together. It was a great encouragement to see how the Christian community is growing and being fostered in Edinburgh. We heard a great message and loved being able to pray and talk with other students!

Prayers for strength for our voices and a restful night sleep are always appreciated. Hearing that we have people all over the U.S. praying for us right now is such a great encouragement!

In Christ,