Great Conversations & Dancing the Night Away

Hi Everyone!

Today we started our day off with worship at Craig’s House led by Hans and me. It was great to start the day being able to sing for God alone and refocus our hearts.

Our first stop was Fidra House, a nursing home in North Berwick. We had lots of time again for conversation before and after the gig since we didn’t need to set up sound equipment. A lot of Xprods had really good conversations with the residents and it was really encouraging to see how excited they were about listening to our music!

We then drove back into Edinburgh to Marie Curie Hospice. We managed to get there early enough for some people to nap in the van and others to take a quick walk through some fields overlooking the countryside ūüôā

20160322_122513Inside the Hospice, we got to sit for tea and coffee with a few of the day-patients before singing a few songs for them. It was great to talk to the staff and patients about their lives and what they have been doing in the community.

Serenity Cafe further along in Edinburgh was our last stop for the day. This cafe is a recovery cafe run by volunteers, and serves other people recovering from addiction, along with the general public. The focus is to help those in recovery make progress,  as well as better the community. It was great to talk to the customers who were there when we dropped by. Many of the Xprods had really great conversations about faith and how it relates to their lives with a few of the customers. Praise the Lord!

The rest of the night we spent doing fun things in Dunbar! We headed back to the Church Hall at Craig’s church, Our Lady of the Waves, for some Scottish Country Dancing. We were all a bit struggly at the beginning, but soon Hans had mastered the waltz, and Craig’s parents were helping to keep us in line and doing the right steps.


We ended the night walking to Ristorante Umberto downtown¬†in Dunbar for some great Italian food! Amid endless mounds of garlic bread and ¬†hearing hilarious facts from Craig’s¬†childhood, the Xprods had a great time hanging out with each other and Craig’s parents. After Christine managed to stuff down dessert on top of all the rest of the food she had eaten, we trekked back to Craig’s House for the night.


Tonight we get to sleep in!!! We are very excited. Prayers for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health are appreciated. This week has been getting better and better as it moves on, so continued prayer for abundant joy, love, and growth would be great! Pray that God will speak through us via the conversations that we have the rest of the week.

Stay tuned til tomorrow!

In Christ,