Aaaand We Are Off!

Hey xprod readers!
(Hey Becky!)

Spring Break 2014 has officially BEGUN!

We got off to a bit of a delayed start with the rental car in the morning, but God saw us through and we all arrived safely in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

After rediscovering our inner child at the park down the street…

swing contest

we ate dinner with Caitlin’s family and neighbors! We got a chance to play around with the neighbors’ kids and enjoy some bonding time.





I can already tell that our time in New Hope is going to be an amazing experience! I’m so excited to be able to share with others in New Hope about our hope that we have in Christ.

Check in tomorrow for more xprod adventures!

In Christ,

Aaaand I’m just going to leave this here…
star wars

New Hope! Woo hoo!