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What Am I Waiting For (2008)

1. When the Mountains Fall
Mark Schultz
2. What Am I Waiting For
Kathy Hwang ’03
3. Child of Mine
Mark Schultz
4. In the Light
dc Talk
5. I’m Not Cool
Scott Krippayne
6. No Greater Love
Rachel Lampa
7. Indescribable
Chris Tomlin
8. King
9. Enough
Chris Tomlin
10. This is Your Life
11. Never Alone
Barlow Girl
12. Grace Flood
OC Supertones


Live 2002-2004 (2004)

1. Let Everything That Has Breath
Matt Redman
2. When the Mountains Fall
Mark Schultz
3. The Love I Know
4. Great Divide
Point of Grace
5. Creator
The Lads
6. You Found Me
7. And Can It Be
8. Because of Who You Are
9. Only In The Cross
Mark Altrogge
10. Wonderful Invention
Chris McCollum & Steven Curtis Chapman
11. Screen Door on a Submarine
Rich Mullins
12. I’m Not Cool
Scott Krippayne
13. Untitled Hymn
Chris Rice
14. I Live for You
True Vibe
15. Sustained
Danny Donnelly
16. King
17. How Beautiful
Twila Paris
18. Since I Met You
dc Talk

…And Then He Found Me (2002)

1. Let There Be Love
2. Looking For Love
Out of Eden
3. This World
Caedmon’s Call
4. Not Perfect
Church of Rhythm
5. And Can It Be
Church of Rhythm
6. Emmanuel
Kepano Green
7. Since I Met You
dc Talk
8. Faithful Medley
9. Listen To Our Hearts
Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman
10. Glory, Honor, Power
Michael Pritzl, Jars of Clay
11. He Won’t Let You Go
The Kry
12. Take My Hand
The Kry


Right Hand Rule (1997) — SOLD OUT

1. Another Time and Another Place
Gary Lee Driskell
2. Rejoice in the Lord Alway
John Redford
3. People Need the Lord
Gregory Nelson and Philip McHugh
4. Now That I’ve Held Him in My Arms
Michael Card
5. Criminal on the Cross
Anthony Keith Lancaster
6. Ride On To Die
Michael Card
7. The Reason We Sing
Dick and Melodie Tunney
8. We Are the Reason
David Meece
9. Heart’s Cry
Steven Curtis Chapman
10. God’s Own Fool
Michael Card
11. God So Loved the World
Bob Kauflin
12. Only You
Ande Rand & Buck Ram


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