humans in different states

such as texas, solid, incarcerated, tiny, or in university. all created in the image of God and deeply loved

i. humans who administer facilities which detain humans in the incarcerated state the dallas county jail includes humans who are awaiting trial or awaiting transfer to another prison after a trial. humans who administer the facility generously allowed us to sing to some of the humans in the facility. humans who administer security were very friendly

ii. humans in the incarcerated state several of xprod, such as craigtho, rileyd, and kmli noted that the audience of humans in the facility were an incredibly appreciative and attentive audience. humans in the audience responded to specific words in songs such as those regarding racial injustice in where is the love. xprod sung to pods, rooms with around fifty detained humans all in bunk beds in one room, with different humans cheering for various hometowns of various xprod humans

iii. humans who interact with urban spaces xprod reflect on jesus in klyde warren park, filled with businesshumans eating lunch and small humans climbing on playgrounds and humans selling food from trucks and life

fig. 1 rileyd, barryam3, serakim, minablm, and ericaw walking through klyde warren park

iv. humans wandering a downtown nonempty subsets of xprod [a] eat lunch at various places [b] observe art at the dallas museum of art, some pieces of which they argue should not be labeled as such [c] walk around, encountering urban places of different characters, such as a giant eyeball sculpture [d] discover that the postmodern chase tower has a sky lobby on the fortieth floor from which the dallas region can be observed

fig. 2 cnoh19 expressing disgust with, and kmli and mhaas displaying unreadable expressions toward because of a social norm to smile in photographs, a giant eyeball

v. humans in the tiny state and are also in the homeless state are taken care of at vogel alcove. the friendly humans who staff the facility provide education, care and therapy for the tiny humans and allow xprod to sing for the tiny humans. humans whose age is less than sixty months turn out to have a short attention span. to remedy this, rileyd talks about the faraway land of massachusetts and, referencing vocal percussion, ‘weird sounds’, craigtho explains why he lies down while singing ‘duni’ during baba yetu, and bondjb queries the sibling counts of various tiny humans. xprod are apparently very good at playing in a playground with tiny humans

vi. humans who invest a lot of money in needlessly enormous highway infrastructure the high five interchange, where us 75 and i-635 meet, is 12 stories high and has 43 bridges. xprod pass through but apparently only bellr and kmli care

fig. 3 ericaw sleeping while needlessly large highway infrastructure passes by. why do people punish prudent sleepers by photographing them and posting embarrassing photos of those prudent humans on blogs? the world may never know

vii. humans in the student state who like xprod sing a cappella for the glory of God who happen to attend the university of texas at dallas meet with xprod. the group call themselves ‘lost and found’ and is filled with friendly humans. groups exchange cognitively taxing warmups and then songs. xprod’s hearts are warmed by lnf’s beautiful voices

fig. 4 lnf and xprod