it is incredible to share love through music with people who are confused why we are there

i. kindred hospital dallas central is a hospital in central dallas whose patients tend to stay for extended times for intense care and whose lobby unexpectedly has amazing acoustics. their staff allowed xprod to perform in the lobby and on each floor. we thank them for their generosity and friendliness in allowing us to perform

ii. a transient audience staff members, busy with serving people, walk by the lobby to get lunch, stop by to listen to a song, and move on. somehow the transient audience feels no less fulfilling to perform to, perhaps because the voluntary action of stopping is a visible sign of appreciation. xprod perform on each floor, to patients whose doors are cracked open, and nurses, between their tasks, stop by to listen

iii. a violation of the no free lunch theorem the staff generously and unexpectedly provide xprod with food from the hospital cafeteria

iv. fair oaks park contains a playground, as many urban parks do, but somehow xprod finds this marvelous and screams in wonderment at playthings such as swings. xprod contemplate the meaning of God’s love in this park

fig. 1 cnoh19 demonstrating proper use of equipment on the playground

v. six high schools in south dallas, one of which contains its own credit union, which collectively claim to be america’s #1 high school [according to whom?] townview magnet school (which contains six schools), whose choir xprod joined for an a cappella workshop in place of their rehearsal, is where bellr went to high school. xprod miraculously park massive vehicles in the after-school rush

vi. cult induction completely normal vocal warmups xprod warm up with the group, including getting everyone in an enormous n-gon and doing the warmup tissues, which is laughably received because it sounds and looks eerily like a cult ritual. xprod teaches the group, alto-bass ratio is approximately 400,000 to 1, where is the love, which the enormous group performs beautifully

fig. 2 rileyd leaking an evil expression as she begins an induction ceremony introduce high school students to vocal warmups

vii. heavy shoes and feline creatures bondjb vocal percusses (beatboxes), and introduces the choir to this technique. one key aspect is continually saying ‘boots’ and ‘cats,’ apparently. the choir seems amused

viii. togetherness xprod share a cooked meal together, discuss their day, and relax together. kmli annoys xprod with a dumb game and is joined by rileydericaw, and minablm in doing so, except the latter people are less annoying in doing so. some of xprod play mintworks. xprod eat smores and sing along to music emitted from a guitar