first impressions

i. energy thirteen mit undergrads convene in the park replacing bexley, piercing the tranquil crispness of a pre-spring break night with excitement and energy

ii. clouds xprod arrives at logan airport in the early morning, joining the rush of travellers heading to the caribbean or europe or vacation or a cappella tours or whatnot. they sleep, finish problem sets, watch films, and stare disappointedly out the window at an overcast day across the midwest

iii. serendipity no luggage is lost, a rental car is obtained despite the fact that riley is not and does not look twenty five years old. xprod considers itself fortunate

iv. dallas members observe some things about the city: [a] it is flat [b] the airport, and the metroplex it serves, are enormous [c] everything is texan, like a minotaur mannequin [d] roads are everywhere and everything is distant and requires driving and roads have many lanes and one cannot turn left sometimes

v. an abode members arrive at the home of becky, which contains [a] an adorable deaf dog [b] numerous decorations, such as 500 billion crosses on one wall, that greatly improve the atmosphere [c] friendly family members, whose generous sacrifices to host us we greatly appreciate [d] fast food, which we acquired and transported into the house from whataburger, said to be a must-try regional chain

vi. calm for each of the following actions, a nonempty subset of xprod performs the action [a] naps [b] plays overwatch [c] plays piano [d] obtains groceries [e] obtains supplies [g] goes on a walk through the neighborhood, a pleasant and quiet suburb [f] worships

fig. 1 play of overwatch

v. culture clash members of becky’s extended family, and members of her church, arrive. they are a generation apart from xprod, geographically and culturally different. awkward conversation ensues

vi. dinner is a unanimously delicious southern meal, with potato salad and fried chicken and sweet tea and green beans and etc. more slightly less awkward conversation ensues

fig. 2 the obtainment of food. food not depicted

vii. music is produced by xprod for the guests. becky’s father produces a video rotating through the center of a circle formed by xprod members singing the lord bless you

viii. exhaustion is inevitable