i. brookdale pecan park is a nursing home in arlington which gave xprod the opportunity to perform, and which houses, among others, a relative of heread. xprod are blessed to talk to some of the residents, who share their treasure trove of life experiences, sad and inspiring alike. the schedule includes a performance by ‘barry mcnamara & co. a cappella singing group’ which xprod choose not to adopt as their new name

ii. true worth is a day homeless shelter in fort worth whose name exceeds the daily geographical pun quota. they provide medical services, laundry, showers, activities, and classes for hundreds of humans, all forward-thinking based on academic research about how best to serve. the staff give xprod a tour, and xprod sing for people in the lobby, whose receptive audience responds strongly to words of songs such as brotheralone, and where is the love

iii. work xprod distribute mail, break down boxes and assemble medical equipment for the new medical facility

fig. 1 barryam3 assembles a hamper, which ‘hits [him] in the manual labor part of [his] heart’

iv. stockyards a historic district of fort worth embodies a subliminal idea of texas and the wild west. the location has shops with the theme and organizes a cattle drive, which consists of cows with long horns walking boredly down the street. xprod eat food, explore shops, and talk to people who wonder about their shirts

v. a concert at life in jesus church in richardson. among the guests, members of the church and some family friends of bellr, and four members of lnf, who offer encouragement.

fig. 2 xprods who occasionally sing tenor

vi. barbecue cnoh19 can hardly contain excitement about the food, which includes unreasonably large onion rings

fig. 3 cnoh19  is excited about food