comfort zone expansion

some nontrivial part of understanding God’s love must be experiencing new things in new ways

i. soupmobile is a charity organization which, among other things, operates a church whose congregation consists of the homeless. they are @SoupMobile on facebook. at this church, an incredible group of volunteers serve the congregation coffee and donuts, preaches the gospel, and gives out supplies, including money and food

ii. salient privilege the differences between xprod and the soupmobile congregation are highly noticeable. xprod carry themselves differently, wear different clothing, have a different amount of teeth existence, talk differently, and come from different backgrounds. this results in a noticeable and difficult to bridge divide; one of mutual suspicion, one whose reconciliation is difficult and was not quite achieved. for the congregation, who are these voluntourists who have the money to fly specifically to see people who are different? xprod struggle to serve but be respectful, coheres because similar people are so so much more easy to talk to. xprod sing to the congregation while the congregation stand in line waiting to enter the church

fig. 1 attempted comfort zone expansion by kmli, who alleges to have spoken with tyrone about the texas criminal justice system

fig. 2 the union of nonempty subsets of xprod and the soupmobile congregation

fig. 3 xprod with the staff and volunteers. ‘im gonna count to three and take a picture. then im going to do it again. watch this,’ said the cameraperson, before doing the promised actions which resulted in in fig. 3

iii. prayer xprod pray for and with the congregation and the staff. those who seek prayer are grateful and feel the community of God’s family. xprod are incredibly grateful to the staff and congregation for allowing them to visit

iv. tacos are delicious, the dallas skyline is filled with absurd postmodern architecture, donkeys exist. these observations are made at a gas station along the trinity riverfront if one could call it a riverfront

fig. 4 ingestion of tacos and taco-like objects by bondjb and craigtho

v. solideo is an indonesian church in arlington ( on facebook). xprod greatly appreciate their hospitality and friendliness to their guests

vi. praise the church sings hallelujah 36 times because the key is wrong twice. in indonesian, because the word is universal. the bible is read in indonesian, the sermon is about praise, the church seeks to expand to their own building soon, xprod sing many songs for the congregation

vii. community is incredibly strong in this church. the congregation know each other, there are high school students and immigrant parents and young adults and tiny children and older generations. some are curious to know how mit students balance work and a cappella. xprod share their experiences. the congregation shares an incredible meal

viii. subject-verb agreement fail in this post.