a smattering

i. wesley rankin community center provides education for young and old alike. they generously allow xprod to sing for seniors, all of whom speak spanish and few of whom speak english. upon entry, the seniors are playing cards or playing bingo or chatting quietly

ii. español xprod try to translate their introductions into spanish, sometimes requiring a little help. xprod also converse with some of the seniors afterward, and those who previously claimed spanish knowledge afterwards threw up their ‘rusty’ surrender flagsl

iii. kessler parkway park is a linear park. xprod eat food and contemplate having strength in God

iv. townview magnet was previously discussed. xprod participate in a question and answer session about college life and college admissions, but the questions come sparsely. xprod try to discuss the value of the mit community, about financial aid, about college life, etc

v. driving to a neighborhood to walk around xprod go to bishop arts district, a few blocks of walkable street with interesting bars, clothing stores, antique stores, etc. xprod walk around, and are reminded of their home in boston, with narrow streets and brick sidewalks and coffeeshops with chalkboard menus

fig. 1 cnoh19 takes an old-fashioned selfie in one of these shops

vi. new friends new life is a program that, from their website, ‘restores and empowers formerly trafficked girls and sexually exploited women and their children.’ the women of xprod have dinner with those women in the program, while the men have dinner with children and other volunteers

fig. 2 xprod at venue mentioned in (vi)

vii. earl young won a gold medal for the 4x400m relay during the 1960 summer olympics in rome. he gives a powerful talk after xprod sing for the women in the program, discussing this achievement, his experience with leukemia, and his inspiration from louis zamperini

fig. 3 mtwrules, wearing the olympic medal, with earl young